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Over $150,000 in Grants Awarded in 2018

Millburn High School: 

“21st Century Physics”

“Raku Workshop”

“Evolution of Technology and Media”

Wireless microphone system

Additional equipment for Robotics

“Operation Flying Squirrel” for Adventure Education


Millburn Middle School: 

 “Wind Turbines” for 6th Grade Science

Laser Cutter & Training Facility for the new Makerspace

Audio/Video equipment upgrades for the Auditorium

A Sound Field system 


Washington School: 

“Google Jamboard”

Audio/Visual System for Multi Purpose Room

“Thinking Outside the Box” project


A Weather Station

The “All Voices Heard” program

 “Thinking Outside the Box” project



Wobble Chairs

FM Sounds Systems

The “Glenwood Grows” program

“Thinking Outside the Box” project



“Next Gen Science” equipment

Enrichment for 4th Grade Science

A “Smart” classroom

“Thinking Outside the Box” project


South Mountain:

STEAM Morning Tubs

Flexible Seating for 2nd Grade

Classroom Amplification System

Constructive Learning Area

“Thinking Outside the Box” project


Lighting Cubes

Standing Desks

“Technology, Learning, Keyboarding & Chromebooks” Initiative

“Thinking Outside the Box” project

Our children will reap the educational benefits for years to come.