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EFMSH Grants Application Instructions




As the new school year begins, it is great time to access your classroom and your schools' needs.  It is not too early start gathering information to apply for Ed Foundation Grants.

Contact you grant representative with questions. 




EFMSH uses the JotForm platform to submit grant applications to the EFMSH Grants Committee. 


1.   The applicant should click on http://form.jotform.us/form/42865973606164 to fill out “Part 1 of the Education Foundation Millburn Short Hills Grant Application” on the JotForm website. Part 1 entails only  inputting the applicant's name, e-mail, project name, and phone number. Procedures for grants and the grant process can be found at bottom of the form.


2.  Upon filling out and submitting Part 1, the applicant will receive an email from efgrants@gmail.com with the subject “EFMSH Grants Application.” This email will contain a link to “Part 2 of the Education Foundation Millburn Short Hills Grant Application.”  This is a unique link tied to the information submitted in Part 1.


3.  Part 2 of the grant application requires the uploading of supporting documents including a statement of the proposed grant's objective and rationale and a spreadsheet detailing cost information.


4.  After preparing supporting documents for upload, click on the link in the EFMSH Grants Application email. This will bring applicant to Part 2 of the grant application. The procedures for the grant process can be found at the top of the form.


5.  PARTIAL COMPLETION OF AN APPLICATION.  Should an  applicant wish to partially complete Part 2 of the application with the intention of returning to complete at a later time,  JotForm will save the application ONLY until the point in the application where the applicant clicks “Next” on each page.   


6.  At the end of Part 2 of the application, the applicant will be asked to select the appropriate principal or assistant superintendent to review and approve the application. The applicant should select the assistant superintendent if the project pertains to more than one school.


7.  Upon completion of  Part 2, the applicant should press "Submit" for the application to be forwarded to the Grants Committee and to the appropriate administrator for approval. 

8.  The grant applicant will receive one more email upon submission of Part 2 with the Subject: “Thank you for your EFMSH Grants Application submission.” This email will give the grant applicant a link to make edits to the grant application should changes be requested by the administrator or the EFMSH Grants committee.