The Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills (EFMSH) works to ensure continued educational excellence for Millburn Public Schools by providing Grants for programs and equipment that will enrich the academic experience.


We encourage Millburn faculty, administration, and parents to apply for grants toward innovative and progressive programming, equipment, and technology that take learning to the next level. 


The Grants Committee screens every grant request diligently to ensure consistency with district objectives. All monies will be disbursed to directly fund the grants submitted by administrators, teachers, staff, community groups, and individuals.


EdFMSH offers one grant cycle each year; proposals will be accepted any time from October 1st and must be submitted by March 19th at which time all proposals will be reviewed. Exceptions may be made for time urgent projects that cannot wait until March for review and are under $2,500. 


Notification will be made before the end of the school year. Once approved, funds are available as reimbursement from Ed Foundation or through the Board of Education, depending on purchase method.