EFMSH Grants Application Guidelines




Contact you grant representative with questions.  


EFMSH welcomes innovative proposals. Small-scale projects with the potential to be expanded to other schools and/or grade levels will be considered as carefully as larger ones. Grants will not be automatically renewed, but must be resubmitted and competitively reviewed each grant period. If a grantee reapplies for a project that EdFMSH already funded, he/she must include a project evaluation.


EFMSH will consider funding:

  1. Projects should enhance the academic program, and/or the curriculum or staff development of the Millburn Public Schools.
  2. Projects should enrich—not duplicate or replace—the current curriculum and educational structure of the Millburn Public Schools. For EFMHS to consider funding a project dropped by the Board of Education, the applicant must have rethought, updated and/or revamped it.
  3. Projects should reflect the goals of the Millburn Board of Education and must have the support of a building supervisor and appropriate curriculum personnel.
  4. Projects should be in areas where it is possible to determine and judge the results by some measure of quality. (See post evaluation procedures.)
  5. Projects should be based on one year of funding. If multiple years of funding are needed, a new proposal must be submitted each year and will be subject to the same review process. 


EFMSH will not fund:

  1. We will not fund grants without the approval of the Millburn Board of Education.
  2. EFMSH will not fund teacher grants that replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.
  3. We will not give more than the amount the Board of Education pays for curriculum development, when requests are made for a stipend for a teacher’s and/or parent’s time.
  4. EFMSH will not pay for substitute teachers, for food (catering, meals, etc.) or for consumable items, (standard classroom supplies, etc.).
  5. EFMSH will not grant funds for non-specific expenses. Budgets must be clearly defined and items listed. 


Grant Application Process

  1. All applications must have the support of a Millburn Public School principal or administrator. Applicants should first discuss proposals with their building and/or curriculum supervisors. In the case of an applicant who is a member of the community (not employed in the schools), his/her application must be sponsored by a faculty member or principal of a school. Applicants must complete the application and obtain the required approval signatures.
  2. Grant applicants can access the EFMSH Grants Application by clicking "Start Part 1 of Application" on the Grants page. Detailed instructions will guide the applicant on how to complete and submit Part 1 and Part 2 of the grant. Completed Grant applications must be received by the deadline date of March 15th of the current school year.
  3. The EFMSH Grants Committee will review all the grants. After reviewing the grant, the applicant may be contacted for additional information regarding the grant application.
  4. Grants that meet all Foundation criteria will be brought forward to the Board of Trustees for approval. All proposed grants must also be approved by the Millburn School District. EFMSH makes awards based on the merits of each application and the ability to fund the grants.
  5. Each year, the EFMSH Board will set a limit on the funds to be granted based on the total amount EFMSH has available. The Grants Committee will then prioritize the grants for that period and, keeping within the funding limit, will determine which grants to recommend for funding. Some of the prioritizing is based on the needs of each of the schools as well as the priorities of the District.
  6. EFMSH will present the awarded grants for approval to the Millburn Board of Education.
  7. Applicants will be notified via email of the funding decisions. Grant recipients will receive detailed instructions for accessing funds. Once a grant is awarded, the total amount of the grant cannot be changed. Remember to include storage, shipping etc., if needed.
  8. All purchased materials, equipment and supplies will be the property of the Millburn Board of Education.
  9. Grant recipients where possible must promote and publicize the Ed Foundation. When the situation arises such as Back to School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Staff Development Days, PTO Meetings, please be sure to mention, “This project is funded by a grant from the Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills.”
  10. Grant recipients will provide an evaluation of the Grant within 30 days of completion of program, no later than March 1st (unless Grant has not been executed by that date). Grant recipients are also requested to discuss the grant with other relevant staff members in the district.
  11. Funds are available for eighteen months from September 1st of the calendar year in which the grant was approved. Therefore, all grant funding MUST be used by March 15th of the following calendar year after approval. The funds will revert back to the EFMSH if this deadline is not met.