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Our Board is made up of hard-working volunteers who run the various operations of the Education Foundation. Please click on the person's title to contact the person. Interested an open position? Contact us!


Executive Board



Simon Westfall-Kwong



Tejal Vora


Assistant Treasurer

Yvette Struwig


VP of Special Initiatives



VP Grants

Sharyn Stein

Katie Foster


VP Fundraising

Joanna Parker-Lentz


VP Communications

Tiffany Fehrenbach

Abigail Speltz



Cari Strassberg




Committee Members


Website Chair

Andrea Spaar


Grants Fulfillment Coordinator​

Peggy Nadkarni


Rocktoberfest Chairs

Joanna Parker Lentz, Michole Richter, Sonali Ganti


Millburn School Rock Chairs

Nadia Halim


Millburn Film Festival Chairs

Lauri Palomaki

Robin Eichler


Coin Wars

Cari Strassberg



Board of Trustees



Katie Foster


Board Members

​Shannon Aronson

Roger Chinchilla

Robin Eichler

Heather Jenquine

Rohit Mull

Micole Richter

Dilys So

Sharyn Stein

Yvette Struwig

Amy Talbert

Simon Westfall-Kwong

John Zeitler